These are the known camps of Free Realms. If you do not see your camp mentioned here, please contact Artimis Grace.

Camp of Half-BloodsEdit

Leaders: Jenny Powerpond, others unknown.

Officers: Unknown

Allied with: '-Camp Half-Blood-', others unknown.

Camp: Unknown

About us: As with most camps and RP guilds they are pretty crazy at times, borederline insane, but you'll warm up to them. They can be violent (heck anyone can be violent..), but they are also very protective of those they care about. To join contact one of the leaders or officers mentioned above.

'-Camp Half-Blood-'Edit

Leaders: Artimis Grace, Chloe Radiantray, Isis Lee, MasterX

Officers: Calypso, Pinkachu, osiris, Ace Wings, Ashton Blacklight, Bellarue, Hannah Fierytop, Paelis, Selena, SunPelt, kiara woods

Allied with:  DMC Guardians, 'Camp Half-Blood', Werewolves of the Moonlight, Blackpaw Werewolf Pack, -Campers of Camp Half-Blood-, Camp of Half-Bloods 

Camp: Artimis Grace's Laketree lot, Ancient Magical Hill

About us:
Camp Half Blood
A crazy, fun, generally insane, loveable guild. They are occasionally violent, as with most camps/RP guilds. They also tend to cause drama. They are very loyal to their allies and to each other, though I wouldn't suggest crossing them. If you are interested in joining please contact one of the leaders or officers mentioned above.


 -Campers of Camp Half-Blood-Edit

Leaders: Ariannna, Percy Jacksonnn, Inez Riddle, Mavis Silvermoon, NicoDi Angelo, Zanni Bluemeadows, Selena Goldennymph

Officers: Unknown

Allied with: '-Camp Half-Blood-', Campers of Mount Olympus (Unconfirmed)

Camp: Zanni Bluemeadow's Laketree lot, Zany Blue Meadow

About us: They are a fun RP camp which, like all camps, is crazy but loveable. There is no way to describe this guild accurately, you'd just have to meet them. Unique is a word that fits them pretty well. Though they don't always get along with each other, at the end of the day they will always be there for one another. To join contact one of the leaders or officers mentioned above.

Campers of Mount OlympusEdit

Leaders: jordan brady, Starr Burst, Stargazer, Lighting Lighting

Officers: Queen Brooky, luke applseed

Allied with: -Campers of Camp Half-Blood- (Unconfirmed)

Camp: Sunstone Dam Lot built by Starr Burst, Big Estate

About us: